Ammonite Temple

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Eli gershenfeld assets

Most of the assets used the build the environment.

Eli gershenfeld drawing

Some of the sketches I did for architecture and trees. The building designs in this drawing were simplified for the final environment.

Reference I shot in France last summer. Stitching is terrible, but helps get a much better sense of the space than regular images.

The market in this image is in Villeréal and was built in 14th century.

A cult has formed around a giant ammonite unearthed in the midst of a cliff-side village. A simple timber-frame temple has been build around it, and offerings have started being left to the fossil.

The architecture for the central temple was inspired by Medieval French covered markets I saw last summer.

Environment created in Unreal Engine 4. Assets created in Blender and textured in Substance Designer, Substance Painter, and Photoshop. Much of the texture data comes from and megascans. Additional work was done in Crazybump, Bitmap2Material, Speedtree, and MeshLab.

The basic ammonite model comes from a tool written by Alexander Erlich to accurately model ammonites. If you ever need one, I highly recommend checking it out.

November 4, 2018